Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still running a fever

Again had a low fever through the night and woke up at 99.5. I've had a headache when I've woke up the past few days as well. I figure I either have a cold or allergies flaming up. Things are starting to bloom around here and it is likely allergies that is bothering me. I have stuffiness in addition to the headaches. Of course I'm scared to take any medicine in addition to all the drugs I'm on from the surgery. I took Lortab shortly after getting up and the fever and headache were gone in a short while.

While I was at PT this morning I received a voice mail from my OS's nurse. She was calling to tell me the lab results from yesterday were in. Luckily my PT is on the second floor of the building where my OS's office is. Good timing on the voice mail, because I just stopped by to see the nurse on the way out after PT. She happily smiled and told me everything was clear. No infections and no sign of pneumonia trying to start up. Whew! I asked her if it was okay to take something for the allergies or cold and she said yes and recommended I see my GP to make sure I take the right thing. Perfect. I'll go see the GP tomorrow and get this figured out.

The rash on my back seems to be getting better. Put some more Benadryl on last night. It seems to be working. There appears to be no more spreading and what does exist has started to dry up and heal. The pink spots around my incision haven't gotten any worse either, so hopfully all this stuff is fine and will just go away.

Not much more to report. It's been a full week since surgery and other than a couple of scares I'm extremely pleased with how everything has turned out. I'm glad it's almost Friday and there are no home baseball games for the Hogs this weekend. The Komen Race for the Cure is the big event. I was signed up to run in the elite race, but of course that was before I knew I'd be getting a new hip. My wife and Bella will be taking place in Bark for the Cure, so I'm going to try to go sit and watch. Should be fine and fun.

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