Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post-op, Day Four

Had a rough night sleeping. I crashed hard for a couple of hours early last night and then woke up several times through the night. I came back to the couch so I wouldn't keep my wife awake. Overall, I got several hours of sleep but not more than hour and a half at a time. Still ran a slight fever but my thermometer was not working, so I don't know how bad it was. It was gone by the morning.

Had a pretty good day. Just rested and read. Spent a lot of time on the message board reading and researching everything I could about hip replacement recovery. I've learned so much from there it's incredible.

Figured out all my drug schedule. I don't like doing all this but it all is there for a reason. Here is the list of things I have to take.

Lortab - (for pain every 6 hours)
Fragmin - (a self-administered shot to the stomach once a day for 7 days and then 81 mg aspirin once a day for 6 weeks for anticoagulant)
Celebrex - (once a day anti-inflammatory - 1 week)
OxyContin - (once every 12 hours - 1 week)

I can definitely feel the effects of the drugs. I'm scared to death of screwing up. I've watched too much CSI over the years, so I think the smallest mistake will kill me. As long as I follow the instructions I'll be fine.

Late afternoon I was finally going to get a real shower. My wife helped me through this. She covered the dressing with Saran Wrap and waterproof medical tape to keep it all dry. We have a large walk-in shower so it was easy with little risk of falling or tripping. She helped wash my legs. After the shower she changed my dressing. I just about passed out from being dizzy. I hadn't eaten anything in a while and I had been on my feet the longest since being at the hospital, so I wasn't too worried. I laid on the bed while she finished with the new dressing. It felt so good to be clean.

Had a great dinner, vegetable beef soup made with brisket that I smoked a few weeks ago. It is OUTSTANDING. The second time we've had it. Something about the smoked brisket flavor and the spices my wife puts in the broth just make it incredibly tasty.

I stayed awake all the way until bedtime. I thought not taking a nap would help me sleep better. On to day 5.

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