Monday, April 20, 2009

Post-op, Day Five

Had another interesting night sleeping. Slept a good couple of hours and then had to pee. Dang! Shortly after I got up Bella got up and ate and of course needed to go out soon. My wife let her out and I was having trouble getting back to sleep. Rather than keep her awake, I decided to move back to the couch again.

I had the longest sleep since the surgery, over 3 hours. Woke up, watched a little TV and slept again for a while. Checked my temp and I was running a slight fever again. Highest I checked was 100.3. Woke up for good, made some coffee and read some things online. I was going to return to work today (I work from home) for the first time since surgery. Mondays are full of conference calls, so I knew I'd be on the phone for a while.

I made it through the calls fine and through the day fine. Took a few breaks to rest and made sure I took all my meds. I really hate giving myself the shots with the blood thinner. Only five days of those left.

Talked my OS's nurse today to get a few questions answered.
1. Don't need to take iron pills but won't hurt. My blood counts will get back to normal.
2. Had a dentist appointment scheduled this week to get a permanent crown installed. Found out I need to cancel that for a while and will need to take antibiotics before I see the dentist next. I didn't realize how dangerous dental work could be if you've had an implant, but the risk of infection is high. Luckly I read the warning labels on my medicine yesterday or I wouldn't have known this.
3. The fever isn't a major concern right now but if it gets above 101 then I need to watch my incision for changes and contact the OS. It's been below 100.5 so far and the incision looks fine and isn't sore. I guess some fever is normal after major surgery because of how hard the body is trying to heal itself, and it's made worse by being active during the day. My fevers have all been at night. Just have to keep an eye on it.
4. Asked about the dizziness I experienced and they weren't concerned.

So good, so far. I'm too much of a worrier and I think all the information available to read online makes it worse.

Made my PT appointment but couldn't get it until Thursday. I was hoping to get in tomorrow . I'll just do some simple things at home in the meantime. I'm ready to be healed :)

It's been a good day and I'm feeling better each day so far.

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