Thursday, April 30, 2009

New exercises today

Had PT right after meeting with the OS (to get staples removed). It is conveniently in the same building. I got to do lots of new stuff today. All the exercises the PT had me do to this point were stretches and muscle contractions.

Today he had me start with some sort of sitting machine that had steps that worked like a stair climber. Did that for ten minutes. Next was leg press with only my operated leg. Started with 60 pounds and moved to 75. Did that for 10+ minutes.

After that he put me on a short rolling chair that he attached some ankle weights to and he had me pull myself around the room for a while. That worked the heck out of my hamstrings!

Then I got to get on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes. It felt great! No pain at all.

Last thing was a contraption to electrically stimulate my quads while having me flex the quads each time it cycled. That felt weird but really kind of neat. I'm sure many of you have had that done. I've had a similar thing done to my back before but that was much more painful. Did that for 15 minutes and I was a bit tired.

What a day. Felt great to do some real work. I'm sure I'm going to hurt tomorrow but it will be worth it.

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