Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got the staples removed

I'm exactly two weeks out from my hip replacements. Saw the OS today to get my staples out and do a status report.

He was very pleased with how the incision has healed and how I am feeling.

He gave me clearance to start elliptical and stationary biking. I just have to use pain as a guidance and don't break any of the angle rules. Oddly enough he doesn't want me swimming for another 3-4 weeks. Don't know why. Maybe something to do with being able to easily get into bad angles?

I can go ahead and switch to a cane. Definitely happy about that.

Still have to sleep on my back or non-op leg with pillow between legs for another 2-3 weeks. I used to always sleep on my operated leg so this is really causing me sleep issues.

I can finally drink again. I need a beer and some buffalo wings or pizza.

Doesn't want me to drive for two more weeks, which is fine. I work from home so just mainly need to go to PT.

Great meeting from my standpoint.

Also, I have a few pictures to share. I was able to get a picture (with my phone) of the x-rays taken by my GP (second image) a couple of months ago when I didn't know what was going on with my hip. Also, for reference I have the one from 1988 (first image), about 8 months after the surgery to repair my hip.

In the latest x-ray on the right you it shows where the extra bone and scaring virtually wore away the cartilage in the socket, especially on the edges. This is where most of my pain was coming from. The bones had no cushion to absorb and lubricate the impact from any activity. It's difficult to believe I ran a marathon in this condition.

Also, the second x-ray shows a faint line near the bottom that the OS drew to determine the leg length discrepancy so he could fix it with the prosthetic. It's nice to be level now :-)

I also put together a small collage of my scar as it's progressed so far. The total scar is 11 inches with 9 of that being the most recent (he cut through the existing scar). Interesting to see the progression as it heals.

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