Thursday, April 23, 2009

First PT Session

Had my first physical therapy session today. Apparently PT for hip replacements varies widely, I supposed based on things such as the surgeon's preferences, patient's age and condition, insurance policies, and other things. Some patients have to do PT before they are released to go home. Some are sent home and have inpatient (in-home) PT for weeks before being allowed to even ride in a car to go to outpatient PT. Certainly confusing but regardless, I was to attend outpatient PT the week following my surgery and go 4-6 weeks and continue on my own at home at PT's discretion.

All went well. Mostly straight forward type exercises and stretches. Only thing that was uncomfortable was swinging the leg out to the side a few inches, well almost a foot, and then back in. The therapist said that would be hard but we would progress a little farther out each week. That was the primary exercise that he wanted me to be extra careful with.

The therapist wants to be on crutches or at least a cane for 4 weeks, even if I'm feeling good walking. Said it's critical to have support there if it's needed, which obviously makes sense. Also said he doesn't expect to see me more than another week or so, as I can do everything at home and he doesn't believe I'll need motivation to actually do the work.

Learned a few more dos and don'ts and he showed me which muscles were affected by the surgery and how. That was nice to see diagrams and hear it explained. He has always worked with many of my OS's patients, so I felt really comfortable with his methods.

Anyway, nothing earth-shattering. If anything, I can do a little more than what I thought already.

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