Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turned loose from physical therapy

I've been improving every day. I'm really pleased with my progress and apparently so is my physical therapist. At 3 1/2 weeks post-op (yesterday) he gave me one final new exercise and said he trusted me to continue working hard but he also trusted me not to over-extend myself (literally and physically).

The latest exercise he is having me do is a lying leg abduction, which is just like the standing one I've already been doing, except (obviously) lying down. I lay on my non-operated leg and with both legs fully extended raise the operated leg a few inches and then bring it back down.

I've been doing this standing up since the first week post-op and have been getting better at it each time. There really is no pain doing it when standing and I can extend probably 60-70 degrees now.

Doing this lying down is a totally different story. There is so much more leverage against the hip and muscles on the outside of the leg, such as the IT band. This is where the bulk of my incision is so it's no surprise that it hurts.

I'll just keep working it and it will get better.

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