Tuesday, May 12, 2009

45 minutes on the bike

A new milestone today for me. I did a 45-minute workout on the bike (indoors on a trainer). I have been doing 30 on the bike and 15 on the elliptical but now that I'm going to be doing all my exercises at home I wanted to change the days when I do the elliptical and start working more on riding the bike.

Luckily, I do have a TV to watch while I'm riding on the trainer, so I won't get extremely bored. Also, I keep the workouts interesting by starting in an easy gear and riding for X minutes and then going through harder gears and so on and finally work back down to easier gears to cool down.

Hopefully by the time I actually get cleared to ride outside I'll have a good feel for how the gears work and understand what gear to ride in based on the situation. The thing I love about the trainer is that it simulates the road well and allows me to use all the gears and feel what they would really feel like on the road.

One thing I've got to get used to is the sore butt. Dang! I do have a couple pair of padded cycling shorts but I need some more, since I'm riding almost every day. So, some days (like today) I wear running shorts and fold a small towel to sit on. That only helps so much. I may have to look into a more comfortable seat.

Yet another thing to buy.

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