Friday, June 12, 2009

9 weeks post-op

It's now been more than 9 weeks since my surgery and my hip feels a little better each day. Some days are riddled with soreness, but I'm rehabbing hard so it's to be expected.

I've been spending most of my rehab time on the bike (on the trainer), riding 5-6 days a week. I've gone as long as 1:15 so far and that was work! Felt good to do, though. Some days are just easier recovery rides.

Two days ago I finally rode outside for the first time! I was a bit nervous, because I have never ridden a bike on the road while being clipped into pedals. I primarily stayed on my neighborhood street and kept doing loops, which is .9 miles. It also seemed like a good idea at the time to try tackling the hill that leads into my subdivision. It was almost a bad mistake, but I made it. The hill is fairly steep, around a 15% grade and a 1/4 mile long. I used to run it all the time, albeit slowly, but didn't figure it would be as hard on the bike. I got about half way up into my easiest gear and still struggled. I finally made it, though, and now I at least know what it takes for that hill.

Yesterday, I decided to go behind the subdivision where we have some fairly untraveled, but hilly, roads. Only scary part is the short patch of dirt road that I have to go on which has a downhill spot to start and uphill to finish between the pavement sections. My main concern is just being able to get out of the clips quickly if I need to bail. These pedals add an entire new element to cycling, but the benefits are great. I ended up with a good 16 mile ride, so it was a good day.

I am sore today from these two days of riding. I'm actually going to take a pain pill. This is a good thing, actually, because I worked muscles hard enough to stress them. I'll just do an easy recovery ride today.

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