Wednesday, June 24, 2009

20-mile ride turns into 30 miles

I tested my leg on a longer bike ride yesterday (at least longer to me at this point), although it was unplanned. I ventured out of my subdivision onto the main road into my subdivision which is quite a busy road versus the roads behind the subdivision which are not well-traveled.

I went after rush hour to limit dealing with much traffic. I only planned on being on the main road for a short distance, less than half a mile, before going to some back roads for a good ride.

I had a plan in mind for the route. It was an out-and-back with a loop on part of the trip. Somewhere along the way I got on the wrong road and ran into a dead-end, which meant a lot of backtracking to get back on the right route. My original plan was for 18-20 miles, which would have been about an hour and fifteen minutes. My little miscue turned the trek into an hour and fifty minutes and 30 miles!

This was more than 30 minutes longer than any ride I had done on the trainer. The good news is I made it through the ride physically okay. I was a little sore but I had expected that if I had stayed on my original plan, because the roads around here have a lot of hills to deal with.

I'm ready to go again!

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